Make your own Aroid mix

We got a lot of questions about what we are going to use to put our plants in. Here is a little guide and food for thought …

Our recipe

We tinkered and tried for a long time … But in the end we are really satisfied. We have included the individual components in our shop so that you can mix up our mix or adapt it individually.

Our recipe for the green plant mix:
9 liters of pine bark (41%)
6 liters of Plagron Growmix (27%)
3 liters perlite (14%)
3 liters of pumice (14%)
1 liter of Plagron Megaworm (5%)

But if you don’t feel like getting your fingers dirty, you can of course also order the finished mix 🙂

Additional we made a little video of this production!
Our Youtube Video…


Now you have a great mix of soil. We use this for all green plants in the house. Of course, some special plants need different mixes, but our Philos, Monstera and Syngonium feel very comfortable!