Sanlight Flex 10

As the name suggests, a very flexible lamp with full spectrum but still great warm white light color.


Here are a few facts:

Dimensions: length approx. 45 cm, width 3.5 cm, height 2.4 cm
PPF: 20.4 ┬Ámol / s.
Beam angle: 90 degrees
Protection class: IP68, so the lamp is insensitive to high humidity and can also be sprayed on without problems.
Power 9.6 watts
Weight: 250 grams


Please note: Since you can also connect several different lamps from the Flex series in series, this lamp is supplied without a power supply unit.


1 Flex 10 = 10W = 1 power supply 25W
1 Flex 20 = 20W = 1 power supply 25W
2 Flex 10 = 20W = 1 power supply 25W
2 Flex 20 = 40W = 1 power supply 60W
6 Flex 10 = 60 W = 1 power supply 60W
2 Flex 20 + 2 Flex 10 = 60W = 1 power supply 60 W


You can choose between 2 different power supplies. 25 W and 60 W. Both have a 1.10 m long connection cable to the lamp and all necessary plugs in the scope of delivery.

If you have to bridge longer distances between the individual lamps or to the socket, there are special 1m extension cables.


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