Conversion from Cabinet to Greenhousecabinet

Many plants stand on the windowsill or in the immediate vicinity of a light source. However, some need more humidity than others, or pets endanger the “expensive” pieces. So how can you sum it all up? Of course. A showcase. And in Sweden there is a large selection of them. 🙂 

Be it Milsbo, Fabrikör, Detolf or Rudsta, Ikea offers many different designs for every taste. The social media channels are full of it.
Everything was united under the hashtag #ikeagreenhousecabinet. Design ideas and conversion instructions included. 

We also dealt with such showcases and the problems of a showcase. The main problem is actually circulation. No breeze blows through the flush-closing glass bottoms. Temperature and humidity are difficult to distribute, so mold is pre-programmed. 

So we designed and produced various shelves made of acrylic with cut-out air slots. This allows the air to move and exchange between floors. Additional brackets offer the possibility for secure attachment of different lighting. Also, during the development, the problems for larger plants arose. This resulted in our U-boards, which offer additional space like a small balcony.

From the 3D printer come our cable holders. So the cable clutter is also a bit tidier. So actually everything you need for a great showcase greenhouse. 😉

If you have any questions about the implementation, we will shoot a small video about it soon. Stay tuned